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Lonny Pulfrabek

Johnson County Sheriff

I’m happy to support Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff.

I’ve had the pleasure of serving you as Sheriff of Johnson County for the past 15+ years and the job is not one that I or anyone else should or can take lightly. The Office of Sheriff requires a balance of both politics and leading a very large law enforcement agency which means sometimes those two worlds can collide. In these tough situations it takes someone that believes in their co-workers, trusts their co-workers, and asks them to always perform at a high level. I’m confident that Brad is up to the task.

The Sheriff must also always follow the Constitution and enforce the laws of Iowa,

in addition the Sheriff is responsible for the operation and oversight of the county jail. Brad’s career experience including his years working in the jail are valuable for

safe and efficient jail management.

The office of Sheriff requires a thoughtful approach to what is best for the citizens of Johnson County. I have worked with Brad Kunkel for over 20 years and I know he has the temperament, intelligence, and integrity to excel in the office of Sheriff.

I wholeheartedly believe he is the best person to take the office into the challenging time ahead.

Join me and vote for Brad Kunkel on or before June 2nd for Johnson County Sheriff."


Lauren Whitehead

Mayor Pro Tem. Solon

I'm proud to endorse Brad as Johnson County Sheriff. His experience in law enforcement as well as in small town government position him to be the best leader to carry Johnson County into the future. Brad's focus on mental health intervention and domestic violence strikes at the heart of the challenges our communities face, addressing critical underlying stressors.. He will be the perfect person to implement the new access center and ensure that this project fulfills its potential for tremendous success in our county. Finally, as a city councilor in a small town, Brad also knows the unique challenges faced by small communities who rely on the sheriff's department for all law enforcement. Brad is a compassionate, engaged, forward-thinking leader. He truly is a candidate for the entire county. I urge you to support Brad for Johnson County Sheriff!

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Joe Bolkcom

Iowa State Senator

Brad Kunkel has the experience and passion to be our next Johnson County Sheriff. His dedication to public safety has prepared him well to do a great job. I am proud to support Brad!

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Lisa Green-Douglas

Johnson County Supervisor

Det. Brad Kunkel is my choice for Johnson County Sheriff. He has experience in just about every job within the Sheriff’s Office. Brad is fair, honest, hard-working, and always very professional.He is dedicated to maintaining public safety here in Johnson County. I think he will be an exceptional Sheriff.

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Gary Kramer


Please consider voting for Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff in the primary election on June 2nd. Brad Kunkel will continue the progressive community oriented policing that Sheriff Pulkrabek has instilled during his 15 year tenure as Johnson County Sheriff. Brad's involvement in community organizations is impressive along with his commitment to the victims of crimes. I have proudly served the Johnson County Sheriff's Office for the last 35 years and do not give recommendations lightly. I truly believe that Brad is the right choice to lead this Office into the future. 

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Zach Wahls

Iowa State Senator

I support Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff because he has the relationships, experience, and compassion that our communities need. His work as a Johnson County Deputy Sheriff and as a local elected official make him exceptionally qualified to serve as Sheriff. We need somebody who is ready to lead and serve on Day One, and I'm confident Brad is the best person for the job. I’m proud to endorse Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff, and I ask you to join me in voting for Brad on or before June 2, 2020.

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Bruce Teague

City of Iowa City, Mayor

Brad is experienced, honest, and he pauses to hear everyone.  His leadership as Sheriff we can trust and rely on to represent the values of our community.

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Megan Alter

Housing and Community Development Commissioner,

Iowa City

Brad is the best choice to be our next Sheriff. His career demonstrates that Brad is already ready on Day One, but what I’m impressed with how is how he doesn’t only rely on his longtime experience. He works hard and genuinely to learn more and meet more people to best serve the entire county and all its needs. He puts in the work; he is compassionate; he is dedicated; and he knows from his career experience and by talking with people throughout the county what our county needs. I cannot wait to vote for Brad Kunkel! 

Michael Hynes


I have worked with Brad long enough to realize he possesses many assets which are valuable to both the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and to the people of Johnson County. Out of all the assets Mr. Kunkel possesses the one which stands out to me the most is his level of integrity. Brad is the person who does the right thing even when it is not the easiest or most popular option and this is one of the most valuable assets anyone can have. I have the utmost respect for his level of integrity and this is why I support his bid for Sheriff of Johnson County.

Laura Shoemaker Headshot.jpeg

Laura Shoemaker

North Liberty

I’m supporting Brad for Johnson County Sheriff because every person has the right to feel safe in their community and in their home, and I know Brad will protect these rights. In my interactions with him through the Iowa City Chamber of Commerce’s Community Leadership Program and as a board member of DVIP, I have been impressed by his commitment to the community and support of domestic violence victims. He is an outstanding individual who will make a great sheriff.

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Tony Thompson

Blackhawk County Sheriff

Brad is a smart, strong-willed and engaged leader. I look forward to the impacts that he will bring administrating the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.


Brandon RIchmond

North Liberty

I support Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff because he is a man with a passion for our community.I’ve worked with Brad for almost 9 years including a few years where he was my direct supervisor. As long as I have known Brad he has been a strong, knowledgeable source for assistance and Brad shows a real passion for people; he exhibits a strong confidence as a leader in the county. I have had conversations with Brad regarding tough situations that can be very sensitive and as we talked through it Brad’s perspective was not only open to fresh ideas but he also held a view that represented the side of a citizen. Brad was able to focus on how a citizen would feel and whether the actions of the Sheriff’s Office were adequate for the situation with the victim and public in mind.Brad is an exemplary role model for his co-workers and sets an example about how to serve your community. His participation in 100 Men who Care, the Domestic Violence Intervention Program and as a volunteer firefighter with the North Liberty Fire Department show his lifelong devotion to being a public servant. Brad is a person that is invested in the betterment of the community.I know Brad personally to be a sincere and good person, as well as a great person to work with that I can call a friend. A man with his experience, wisdom, and passion for Johnson County will help lead the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office into a brighter future.

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Chris Downes


I have had the good fortune to know and work with Brad Kunkel for over 20 years. I have yet to meet a man more suited for the job of Sheriff in Johnson County. Brad decided as an 18 year old volunteer firefighter to dedicate his life to public service- and he has never wavered from that goal. He is incredibly intelligent, wise beyond his years, and leaves an impression on everyone he meets. Brad is that guy. He is the guy we all know that can strike up a meaningful conversation with anyone from any background and find common ground.
He is the kind of person that shows up at your job one day in 2001 and convinces you to apply at the Sheriff’s Office, resulting in a defining moment of your life. Brad is that friend that visits you in the hospital after the birth of your first son. He looks you in the eye and shakes your hand, and when he smiles and says “Congratulations” you know he means it. Brad and Julie are the first people to text you on your 40th birthday, razzing you about becoming an old man even though they are both not far behind. Brad is that guy you meet for Sunday breakfast in Marengo. When an elderly man stumbles on the front step of the café and hits his head, Brad runs to his aid, cradles the man’s head in his hands, and directs a bystander to call 911- all while calmly talking with the gentleman until paramedics arrive. Brad is the type of guy with the work ethic to take classes towards his college degree during the day, while working second shift on patrol from 4PM to 1AM each night. When you ask him how class went that day, he speaks so passionately about the conflict between the Hutu and Tutsis tribes in Africa, that you can’t help but Google the subject later just to learn more of what he was talking about. Brad is that co-worker who after a particularly tough call for service, has the emotional stability to discuss with you how a child passing before their time never gets any easier. Brad is the guy who amidst the grief of losing his father, cannot say enough about the quality of care and compassion his dad received in hospice care at The Bird House. So convincing was his endorsement, that I still to this day donate to their organization on a regular basis. Once you meet Brad Kunkel he is hard to forget. He always provides a good example of the right way to do things. I have no doubt the positive affect he has on people will carry over into his tenure as Sheriff of Johnson County.

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Brent Smith

North Liberty Councilman

I'm endorsing Brad Kunkel for a number of reasons that include his experience as a Deputy, Firefighter, City Council Member, Domestic Violence Intervention Program board member, 100+ Men Who Care board member...not to mention his vision, leadership and true passion for leading our County Sheriff's office into the next generation.

Brian Adolph

Law Enforcement

I support Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff.
I have been a Deputy Sheriff for 30+ years and have worked with Brad for approx 20 of those years.  Brad's experience, training, and knowledge as a Deputy Sheriff set him apart as the most qualified candidate for Sheriff.
I believe there is a difference between goals set and promises made. Brad knows the complex workings of a Sheriffs office, the politics of the job and  what it takes to accomplish goals. Not only for the staff at the Sheriffs Office and other law enforcement agencies but most importantly for the citizens of Johnson County.
Brad's commitment to making Johnson County Citizens safer is proven every day by his hard work and dedication to his career at the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.
The people of Johnson County need an educated, experienced deputy sheriff to lead as Sheriff and Brad Kunkel is the deputy who can do it.
Vote for Brad Kunkel on or before June 2nd.

Paul Deaton Headshot.jpg

Paul Deaton

Johnson County

I support Brad Kunkel for county sheriff because he is engaged in our community. He is genuinely interested in public safety and in me as a person. He is a good guy who possesses the temperament and skills to be a great sheriff.


Laura Bergus

Iowa City Councilor

I’m supporting Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff. Brad will lead with empathy and integrity. Brad knows that treating all people with dignity is necessary to earning respect and keeping our communities safe.


Brad is a lifelong learner and excellent listener. Brad understands the importance of collaboration and cooperation for learning best practices. Brad’s commitment to training means the sheriff’s department will always be improving.


Brad brings a lifetime of local experience and service, along with energy and excitement for our future. All of Johnson County will benefit with Brad Kunkel as our sheriff.

Doug Gwinn

Retired Lieutenant, Johnson County Sheriff's Office

I first met Brad Kunkel in 2001 when he was hired as a full-time Deputy Sheriff and assigned to the jail. After meeting Brad and being his supervisor for a short time, I knew that Brad would go far in his career. He always wanted to learn more and do better. He treated people with respect at all times to include members of the public, incarcerated individuals, co-workers and peers. 


After Brad and I moved to different divisions, I followed his career and spoke frequently to his supervisors. He excelled at every position he was assigned. He always volunteered for more. He worked hard to finish his education while working full time and raising a family. In 2018, I was again Brad's supervisor, this time in the Investigations Division. I was excited that Brad was chosen to be a Detective Sergeant as I knew the type of personality it required to effectively interact with the different types of victims we come into contact with. Brad's experience, education, personality and interpersonal communication skills made him an excellent investigator. Again, Brad always wanted to learn more and do better, always requesting more training. He readily accepted more difficult in-depth cases with enthusiasm. 


Brad is well respected by all who know him and will bring a positive change to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office. I highly recommend you vote for Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff. 

John Farlinger

Solon City Councilor and Owner of REP Radon and Electric

I would like to endorse Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff. I met Brad through his work on the Board of Directors for the Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP). My wife, May, was also on the board and introduced me to him and it was immediately evident that Brad was a great contributor to the organization and had a passion to help those served by DVIP and the broader community. I witnessed him further demonstrate his commitment to DVIP during a '100 Men Who Care' event where he advocated for the organization and quickly raised thousands of dollars to support it. In addition to his service to non-profit organizations, Brad has played an active role in his community as a past city councilor and makes himself available regularly during day-to-day activities (school functions, city events, etc.). His involvement in the community and continued dedication to law enforcement will make him a continued asset to all that come into contact with him. As a business owner, it is important to know that our community, our employees, and our families have someone as dedicated as Brad to keep Johnson County communities safe.

Eric Schnedler.jpg

Eric Schnedler

Tiffin City Councilor

I'm proud to endorse Brad Kunkel as the
next Johnson County Sheriff. His
proficiency in law enforcement, municipal
government, as well as crisis intervention
services places him to be the most skilled
to guide the Johnson County Sheriff’s
Office. Brad's attention and passion for
domestic violence victim advocacy and
crisis services are key areas our community needs. Working for the Sheriff’s Office as a reserve deputy for the last six years, Brad has had a real impact on my life. From my training, interactions with the public, and my decision to serve the citizens of Tiffin as a city councilperson. He is a merciful, committed, educated, and constructive leader. Brad sincerely is a candidate for each of the citizens in Johnson County. I can’t think of a better person to be our next sheriff and I encourage you to join me by supporting Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff.


Steve Stange

City of Solon Mayor

I am proud to endorse Brad Kunkel for Sheriff of Johnson County. Brad has been involved with public service a good portion of his life and will continue to bring leadership, integrity and stability to the Sheriff’s Office that we as Johnson County residents have experienced over the last several decades. Brad is a true community friend and a person you would want to see when you need help. Please consider voting for my friend Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff.


Mary Mascher

State Representative

I am proud to endorse Brad Kunkel for Sheriff of Johnson County. Brad has been involved with public service a good portion of his life and will continue to bring leadership, integrity and stability to the Sheriff’s Office that we as Johnson County residents have experienced over the last several decades. Brad is a true community friend and a person you would want to see when you need help. Please consider voting for my friend Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff.

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Randy Lamm


I have worked with Brad Kunkel for nearly 20 years.  Brad has a servant’s heart which has been displayed in the numerous community organizations that he has been a part of over many years. I also know Brad’s family well and I believe a look at a man’s family is often a reflection of what he stands for.  Brad and his wife Julie are raising three sons that are well on their way to being honorable, respectful men of integrity.  

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Brad on a daily basis over the last few years.  I have been impressed with the level of compassion Brad has for crime victims and also the professionalism he shows when dealing with a perpetrator.  As a longtime member of the law enforcement community I can tell you the best solution is not always a clear path and Brad will do the right thing even when the right thing isn’t the easy or popular thing to do.  Brad will bring common sense to the often complicated situations that law enforcement handles.    

The job of the Johnson County Sheriff is complex and unique when compared to other law enforcement agencies.  Brad has spent his entire law enforcement career observing and learning what Johnson County citizens need and expect from their Sheriff.  He knows what works and what doesn’t and I have no doubt that Brad Kunkel is the kind of Sheriff our community will be proud of. I’m asking you to join me;  support Brad Kunkel for Sheriff and vote in the June 2 primary election.


Dan Picture.JPG

Dan O'Neil

Solon City Council

Brad has been a public servant in many areas for years. From his 19 years with Johnson County to the numerous boards and non-profits he’s assisted. Brad has gone above and beyond in giving back to this community.
Besides his work as a public servant, Brad’s integrity is second to none. Brad is a stand-up guy who does the right thing regardless of who’s watching. Brad's vision as Sheriff will continue to lead Johnson County in the right direction. He’s a huge asset to our community and it’s an honor to endorse Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff.

Gary Hughes.JPG

Gary Hughes

Johnson County Sheriff Retired

I am supporting Brad for Johnson County Sheriff because he understands the complex duties of the office of Sheriff. The Sheriff’s Office is much different than any other law enforcement agency as it has normal law enforcement duties but with the addition of responsibilities such as Court Security, the Civil Division, and operating the county jail

I was elected in 1972 and served four terms as the Johnson County Sheriff. I know the responsibilities and I’m confident that Brad will be an outstanding Sheriff. The office of Sheriff is complex and I know that Brad Kunkel has the experience and the knowledge to handle the job.

I’m proud to support Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff and ask you to vote for him on June 2, 2020.

Tyler Baird.jpg

Tyler Baird

Lone Tree City Council

I endorse Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff. Brad is involved in the greater Johnson County community and cares deeply about public service. He was raised in a small rural community giving him first hand knowledge of the law enforcement challenges our rural communities face. Brad is also stepping up to the task of protecting us from new threats posed in our increasingly digital world. Above all else, Brad takes the time to listen and asks what challenges the community is facing so he can better prepare to meet them head on.


Scott and Leslie Carpenter

Rural Iowa City

Serving in a variety of roles in the Sheriff’s Department for the last 20 years gives Brad the broad experience needed to be an effective Sheriff.
In addition to his work in law enforcement, Brad has volunteered with numerous organizations - including the Domestic Violence Intervention Program. He supports our community on a variety of levels, and this informs his leadership. Brad is knowledgeable, caring, and an effective communicator.
Brad has built important relationships throughout the county over his tenure at the Sheriff’s Department. He’s highly respected and admired by his colleagues. If you’ve interacted with Brad professionally, you know that he’s an outstanding person who treats people with respect and compassion.
From our perspective as advocates for those who suffer from mental illnesses, we agree with Brad’s support of Crisis Intervention Training and Jail Diversion programs for those who need medical treatment for mental illnesses and addiction. Jails should not be mental health care treatment facilities.
There’s no doubt in our minds that Brad Kunkel will be an excellent Sheriff. We ask that you vote for Brad Kunkel on June 2.

Andy Rich.jpeg

Andy Rich

Law Enforcement

I have known and worked with Brad for nearly 20 years. Brad has the integrity, experience, community ties, emotional intelligence and empathy that is second to none. Brad will be an amazing sheriff and he will do great things for the office and Johnson County. Brad will always have my support. 


Kevin Kinney

Iowa State Senator

As a 28 year veteran of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office I know that the office of Sheriff is unique.  As a lifelong Johnson County resident, farmer, and elected official, I also know how important it is for the community to to have a Sheriff they trust and believe in.  We need to know that our Sheriff has the background and the character to serve all of the county.  I'm confident that Brad Kunkel is the right person for the job


Brad's experience within the Sheriff's Office and dedication to serving the community shows he is well suited to be our next Sheriff. He understands both rural and urban issues in Johnson County because of his experience and his willingness to learn about what's important to county residents.


I'm happy to support Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff.  Join me and vote for Brad Kunkel.


RaQuishia Harrington

North Liberty

I'm supporting Brad because I find him to be a honest person with many years of experience making a difference in law enforcement. He stands out as an effective leader who is open to learn from his community and learn from the experiences of diverse groups. He is a leader that I believe will go above and beyond to find solutions to keep us safe, all the while,  being resourceful, fair and just while stopping crime.

Kari Headshot.jpg

Kari Juhl

Realtor, Iowa City Area

I am supporting Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff on June 2nd. His commitment and service to our communities over the past 20 years is second to none. His dedication to keeping everyone in our community not only safe, but also educated on safety, whether it is with their career or home life shines through consistently.

As a Realtor in our community, Brad has provided me and all the Realtors in our association the opportunity to increase our knowledge on self-defense and safety in our line of work. He is there, whenever we ask. I have also seen firsthand as a volunteer, his dedication to the Domestic Violence Intervention Program, empowering victims to advocate for themselves and their family in incredibly difficult times.

On duty or not, Brad is always there, giving his time, to help support residents and families in our community. This is what he loves and his energy inspires so many around him. Brad is a leader, one that I look forward to having as our next Johnson County Sheriff!

Joe H.jpeg

Joe Hanrahan


I was born and raised in Johnson County (Iowa City) and still reside in the Shueyville area. I served in law enforcement for 33 years before retiring as a Captain with the Cedar Rapids Police Department. Many styles of leadership, work ethic, and passion for service have drawn my attention over the years.


While I am thankful for all law enforcement personnel who protect us daily the best person to lead the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department is Brad Kunkel.

As county residents, we take pride in how the department continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs placed on law enforcement and incarceration programming. Brad’s many attributes will continue the efficiencies, transparencies, and professionalism of the department beyond what Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek established and he will continue that work seamlessly for the benefit of our entire community.  As a Detective Sergeant Brad has working knowledge of the the people, the needs, and the vision of the department.

Brad knows the department does not stand alone and has been active in making it an integral part of our entire community. He works with citizens, city councils and departments, the business community, non-profits, and most recently as a member of the County’s COVID-19 response effort. You’ve likely seen him at the county press conferences.


His experience, knowledge, communication skills, leadership and team building skills have prepared him for this position.  Brad Kunkel is a dedicated public servant who started as a volunteer firefighter/EMT and has risen through the law enforcement ranks to his current position of Sergeant with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.  He has been active on city council, on boards and committees, and continues to volunteer and support community programs outside of law enforcement.


Brad has been pursuing his progression to Sheriff of Johnson County for years and  will continue providing high quality services to meet the needs of our county residents.  

Vote Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff in the June 2nd Primary Election.

dave loebsack.jpeg

Dave Loebsack


Throughout his career, Brad has shown he has what it takes to be a leader both in and out of his uniform. As a Deputy Sheriff, Brad worked his way through the ranks at the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.  Outside of the Sheriff’s office, Brad has committed to helping his community by volunteering his time to serve on the boards of various local non-profits. The people of Johnson County need a leader like Brad to serve as their next Sheriff and I proudly endorse him for that position!


Rod Sullivan

Johnson County Supervisor

A good Sheriff has to be honest, smart, and possess excellent judgement.  Brad Kunkel has all the traits and more; that is why I strongly support him for Johnson County Sheriff!


John Good

Law Enforcement

I support Brad Kunkel as a candidate for Johnson County Sheriff.  I have been in law enforcement for 25 years and I have had the privilege of working with him for 19 of those years.   Brad’s personal and professional work exemplify his passion for pubic service. 

He has increased awareness for victims of domestic abuse by independently partnering with DVIP and has also worked as a volunteer firefighter on behalf of his local community.  Brad’s experience with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office for almost two decades has additionally given him direct and cross-divisional knowledge of what it takes to lead a successful office.

He is approachable, willing to listen, and solutions-oriented.  He is also a true professional who is committed to integrity and helping others.  I urge you to reach out to him for a first-person perspective of all he has to offer and to consider giving him your vote for Johnson County Sheriff!


Chris Langenberg

North Liberty

Brad has devoted his life to his family and service to the citizens of Johnson County.  His core values, moral character, hard work ethic, and genuine passion for selflessly serving those in need make him the ideal person to be the next Sheriff of Johnson County.

In working with Brad over the years and watching him through the election process I have been very impressed with his demeanor, candor, bright smile, and his desire to get to know and connect with everyone that he comes into contact with.  I have learned how deeply rooted his family values are, and how much his family respects him for the person that he is, and wanting to help him achieve his goals in life and in law enforcement

Brad is very well respected in the law enforcement community and is always wanting to learn to become a better Investigator and leader. A vote for Brad Kunkel is a vote for a person that has spent his life serving the citizens in the towns and rural areas of Johnson County in many different capacities.  I look forward to continuing to work with Brad in the coming year  and I encourage everyone to vote for Brad Kunkel for Sheriff.


Mazahir Salih

Iowa City Mayor Pro Tem

Brad shows up for people of all different backgrounds across the community.  He is working to build trust with immigrants and people of color, and those relationships will serve Johnson County well when he is our Sheriff.


Jeff Gingerich

Iowa City 

I’ve worked with Brad Kunkel for the past 11 years and during this time he has shown me he has what it takes to be the next Johnson County Sheriff.  Brad has held several positions within the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and because of this he has a true understanding of what it takes to be a county Sheriff.   Brad has spent his entire law enforcement career serving and protecting the citizens of Johnson County and his efforts outside of the office demonstrate his true passion for community service.


Brad is a great person with a personality full of integrity, loyalty, honesty and commitment,  I believe in Brad; he is the right person to be the next Sheriff of Johnson County.