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Lauren Whitehead

Mayor Pro Tem, Solon


I'm proud to endorse Brad as Johnson County Sheriff. His experience in law enforcement as well as in small town government position him to be the best leader to carry Johnson County into the future. Brad's focus on mental health intervention and domestic violence strikes at the heart of the challenges our communities face, addressing critical underlying stressors.. He will be the perfect person to implement the new access center and ensure that this project fulfills its potential for tremendous success in our county. Finally, as a city councilor in a small town, Brad also knows the unique challenges faced by small communities who rely on the sheriff's department for all law enforcement. Brad is a compassionate, engaged, forward-thinking leader. He truly is a candidate for the entire county. I urge you to support Brad for Johnson County Sheriff!











Megan Alter,

Housing and Community Development Commissioner, Iowa City. 


Brad is the best choice to be our next Sheriff. His career demonstrates that Brad is already ready on Day One, but what I’m impressed with how is how he doesn’t only rely on his longtime experience. He works hard and genuinely to learn more and meet more people to best serve the entire county and all its needs. He puts in the work; he is compassionate; he is dedicated; and he knows from his career experience and by talking with people throughout the county what our county needs. I cannot wait to vote for Brad Kunkel! 


Michael Hynes

Coralville, Iowa

"I have worked with Brad long enough to realize he possesses many assets which are valuable to both the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and to the people of Johnson County. Out of all the assets Mr. Kunkel possesses the one which stands out to me the most is his level of integrity. Brad is the person who does the right thing even when it is not the easiest or most popular option and this is one of the most valuable assets anyone can have. I have the utmost respect for his level of integrity and this is why I support his bid for Sheriff of Johnson County."






     Laura Shoemaker

     North Liberty, Iowa

“I’m supporting Brad for Johnson County Sheriff because every person has the right to feel safe in their community and in their home, and I know Brad will protect these rights. In my interactions with him through the Iowa City Chamber of Commerce’s Community Leadership Program and as a board member of DVIP, I have been impressed by his commitment to the community and support of domestic violence victims. He is an outstanding individual who will make a great sheriff.”






    Brandon Richmond

    North Liberty, Iowa

I support Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff because he is a man with a passion for our community.
I’ve worked with Brad for almost 9 years including a few years where he was my direct supervisor. As long as I have known Brad he has been a strong, knowledgeable source for assistance and Brad shows a real passion for people; he exhibits a strong confidence as a leader in the county. I have had conversations with Brad regarding tough situations that can be very sensitive and as we talked through it Brad’s perspective was not only open to fresh ideas but he also held a view that represented the side of a citizen. Brad was able to focus on how a citizen would feel and whether the actions of the Sheriff’s Office were adequate for the situation with the victim and public in mind.
Brad is an exemplary role model for his co-workers and sets an example about how to serve your community. His participation in 100 Men who Care, the Domestic Violence Intervention Program and as a volunteer firefighter with the North Liberty Fire Department show his lifelong devotion to being a public servant. Brad is a person that is invested in the betterment of the community.
I know Brad personally to be a sincere and good person, as well as a great person to work with that I can call a friend. A man with his experience, wisdom, and passion for Johnson County will help lead the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office into a brighter future.







     Brent Smith

      North Liberty Councilman

I'm endorsing Brad Kunkel for a number of reasons that include his experience as a Deputy, Firefighter, City Council Member, Domestic Violence Intervention Program board member, 100+ Men Who Care board member...not to mention his vision, leadership and true passion for leading our County Sheriff's office into the next generation.






       Laura Bergus,

      Iowa City Councilor

I’m supporting Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff. Brad will lead with empathy and integrity. Brad knows that treating all people with dignity is necessary to earning respect and keeping our communities safe.
Brad is a lifelong learner and excellent listener. He understands the importance of collaboration and cooperation for learning best practices. Brad’s commitment to training means the Sheriff’s Office will always be improving.
Brad brings a lifetime of local experience and service, along with energy and excitement for our future. All of Johnson County will benefit with Brad Kunkel as our Sheriff.










    John Farlinger,

Solon City Councilor and Owner of REP Radon and Electric

I would like to endorse Brad Kunkel for Johnson County Sheriff. I met Brad through his work on the Board of Directors for the Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP). My wife, May, was also on the board and introduced me to him and it was immediately evident that Brad was a great contributor to the organization and had a passion to help those served by DVIP and the broader community. I witnessed him further demonstrate his commitment to DVIP during a '100 Men Who Care' event where he advocated for the organization and quickly raised thousands of dollars to support it. In addition to his service to non-profit organizations, Brad has played an active role in his community as a past city councilor and makes himself available regularly during day-to-day activities (school functions, city events, etc.). His involvement in the community and continued dedication to law enforcement will make him a continued asset to all that come into contact with him. As a business owner, it is important to know that our community, our employees, and our families have someone as dedicated as Brad to keep Johnson County communities safe.




Detective Sargent Brad Kunkel exemplifies the leadership qualities of honesty and integrity required of any elected position of trust. For the last five years it has been a privilege to serve with Brad and the Sheriff’s Office as well as getting to know him and his family on a personal level through school and community events. I consider Brad as a mentor in my growth as a civic leader with the City of Solon and stewardship with organizations within Johnson County. As a citizen of Johnson I place my unconditional trust in Brad Kunkel to protect and serve honorably all the citizens of Johnson County and take the Sheriff’s Office to new heights. Join me and my family in supporting Brad Kunkel for Sheriff of Johnson County Iowa!

-Shawn Mercer, Councilor

City of Solon

I have the pleasure to meet Brad through his affiliation with ISSDA (Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association) as member of the board of directors my interaction with Brad has been very good I am extremely impressed with his dedication to his Sheriff's Office and wanting the best for his agency. I have also had the experience to see his involvement in supporting his son in trap shooting. I have seen him at several trap shoots being very involved with his son and his team! I encourage all to get to know him, I truly believe he is a great candidate for Sheriff of Johnson County!

-Lt. Chad Cribb

Scott County/ Secretary of ISSDA.

I absolutely would recommend Brad Kunkel for Sheriff! He’s an upstanding man, community leader, and is consistent and fair to the core. I know Brad personally, but have also worked with him in the law enforcement aspect as well. I’m happy to call him a friend, and look forward to calling him our Sheriff. 

Jessica L.

He is a fantastic and honorable representative of Johnson County. Great moral character and just an all around funny and kind person. I trust his judgement. He has my vote!

-Barb S.

Great choice for Johnson County Sheriff ! Brad is honest, hard working and an Excellent role model. I can not think of a better person for the job.

-Jerran Y.

He has my vote!!! Great officer! Great friend! Great man!

-Lisa D.

Det. Sgt. Brad Kunkel has shown excellent leadership qualities, professionalism and selflessness. Brad Kunkel is a first-class candidate.

-Tyler D.

Honest. Caring. Hard working. Dependable. Experienced..

-Scott F.

I have known Brad since I was a little girl. He was always the person I could trust to make sure things we're going to be ok! Every time I had questions he was always willing to answer them and give me the best advice. Brad is a great guy and deserves to be Sheriff!!

-Sarah G.

I doubt Brad Kunkel remembers me but I grew up in Solon and would get into trouble every now and then as a teenager. Any time I did anything wrong or was involved with other teenagers doing something wrong he was there. whether it was being out past curfew or and even bigger issues, he was there to handle the situation calmly, quickly and respectfully for everyone involved. He made me feel like I could really trust the sheriff's department when there was times I felt I couldn't. He is absolutely amazing and if it wasn't for the outstanding example that he set for me as a teenager I probably wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you!

-Cara F.

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